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Fitzcarraldo and Landing on the Moon.

You have no excuses. If we can send people to the moon and Werner Herzog can shoot Fitzcarraldo (A movie where he literally has a ship hauled over a mountain in the middle of the Amazon) then you can make … Continue reading

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Hard to focus.

The internet, our smart phones, the instant access to endless information all have destroyed our ability to focus. You may have even found this post because you Googled “It’s hard to focus” or “I can’t focus.” Well here’s something you … Continue reading

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Thinking about Theme.

The Academy Award winning screenwriter Paddy Cheyefsky (Marty and Network) once said that “As soon as I figure out the theme of my play, I type it out in one line and Scotch-tape it to the front of my typewriter. … Continue reading

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Is There an Idea That is Killing You?

I think I have an idea that is slowly killing me. It’s killing me because it’s a project that I started 10 years ago. It’s something that I care about and that I have told myself I will eventually get … Continue reading

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