PCH Tour: Another Off Day with some Lagunitas

Forest Road Oregon

Day 41 – Another Off Day! My legs were loving it. Maybe they would recover by the time I left for San Francisco. I went with Russ and Wes to their bar, the Buckhorn Tavern, and helped them set up for a motorcycle poker run. They were expecting about 60 bikes. It reminded me so much of my family’s bar. We’d usually have several bike runs a year, and I started to get a bit homesick thinking about it. All good taverns have that same smell of old beer, frier grease and dish soap.

The bikes rolled in and hit the bar. The place was slammed for a good 45 mins before the bikes moved on to their next location. Wes bought a bunch of doughnuts to give away to the bikers, but they all just came for the beer. Russ and I each downed 3 before the sugar got to us.

We stopped at a bike store in town and a Kmart, so Russ could find some new gloves and flip-flops to save his feet from the scummy shower floors that you inevitably come across at campgrounds. We got our shopping done and then stopped in at the Lagunitas Brewery for a drink. It was a large complex and the bar was packed. I got the Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’. We drank up, went home and Russ and I passed out again. Beer in the middle of the day is a great idea if you like taking naps. It knocks me out every time.

Later that night I did some more updating, while watching True Grit and eating pizza. In the meantime, Russ cooked up a big batch of red chili. Wes’s son Andrew and his girlfriend hung out at the house as well. We all messed around on our computers and laughed and joked while Predator 2 played in the background. Sleep came shortly after.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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