PCH Tour: Arcata to RiverWalk RV Campground

Elk in the weeds

Day 32 – I woke up in McKinleyville to what I thought was the sound of drizzling rain. When I got out of the tent it was just foggy. The rain sounds must have been condensation on the trees. In the middle of the night I heard a big explosion, and the first thing I though was, a meth lab must have exploded. When I saw Russ getting ready, I was about to tell him my theory, he turned to me first and said, “did you hear the meth lab blow up in the middle of the night?” We both laughed.

We said bye to Frank and Boris and we were out of there before 8am. We jumped on the Hammond Bike Trail. There were some amazing fog covered farm fields that appeared and disappeared in the mist. We met Cindy at T’s Cafe in Arcata for some breakfast and some much needed web updates. We spent almost 3 hours eating, updating and charging our electronics.

Just under water, food and shelter, power and wifi rank right up there as necessities when you’re blogging on the road. When we got all caught up, we decided to push on to Eureka and scope it out for lunch. The ride there was some of the flattest and smoothest terrain of the entire trip. We kept a leisurely pace and couldn’t help but get there in a short amount of time.

Up and over a bridge we went into downtown. We were all still stuffed from breakfast, and there was a Ray’s market near our campground, so we decided to push on. On our way out of town, we ran into the Brazilian couple. Apparently, Marcello broke a spoke on his way into town. They were on their way to a bike shop to get it fixed up. Just then, Boris rolled up and chatted a bit. We convinced him to share our RV park for the night over in Fortuna.

Russ decided he wanted to hammer out the last 20 miles to camp. He let loose out of town and I did my best to keep up with him. We were riding on the shoulder of the 101. It was wide enough for a car and nicely paved. Russ got up ahead a ways, but I managed to keep him in my sights. We were cruising around 18 to 20 mph the entire way. Several miles from Fortuna we went up a large climb. We all pushed hard and sped our way to the top. When Cindy and I got there, Russ was waiting.

It was a blast moving that fast, but we were all a bit worn out by then. We stuck together from there on and made our way into Fortuna. It looked like the first normal little town we had come across since making our way into California. At the other end of town we loaded up on supplies at Rays and made our way to the RiverWalk RV Campground.

It was a well kept site, with plenty of room for us and some trees for the Hammock Guys to set up. That night Torrence Frank moved on ahead of us. He had been eager to put down more miles for a while, and we were all surprised he stuck around as long as he did. Maybe our paths would cross again.

It was a nice sunny afternoon, and we managed to dry our wet tents and clothes. Boris showed up just before the Hammock Guys and we all sat around telling jokes. Within one week, we had more inside jokes than most friends make in a year. Adventure on the road seemed to compress and heighten our experiences. Maybe another week with this group, and then we’d all be parting ways. Their companionship would be missed.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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