PCH Tour: Back in the USA – Port Angeles

Empress Hotel Victoria

Day 8 – I’m a little behind on my posts. Been a hectic last couple of days of travel. Day 8 was my last day in Victoria. I got a late start and didn’t realize the next ferry didn’t leave until 3pm. I knew I’d be chasing the light to get to a campsite.

I grabbed this photo of the Empress Hotel as the ferry pulled away. It was a bitter sweet moment. I made some good friends in Victoria, and Canada overall was an amazing experience. But I had a lot of miles to cover and it was still the beginning of my journey. It was less than an hour ride over to Port Angeles, WA. The air was cool and the sun was on its way down as I stepped onto US soil for the first time in a week.

After getting my bearings I took off for Sequim State Park, about 25 miles away. The ride was amazing. The air was cool and the sun glowed orange through the trees. I rode the Olympic Discovery trail almost the entire way there. The terrain went from ocean side forests to inland farms with the Olympic Mountains guarding the southern horizon.

When I took a break on the outskirts of a farm, an old gentleman named Ty walked out of the woods and struck up a conversation. He asked where I was heading and told me of a bike tour he and his wife did some years ago. They rode from Seattle to San Francisco. He said he was originally from Los Angeles but moved to Seattle to work for Boeing. He gave me some advice and pointed me in the direction of the camp I was nearing.

I eventually made it to my site around 8pm, just as the sun was going down. I set up my tent, cleaned up and turned in for the night. I was exhausted, but excited for the days to come.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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