PCH Tour: Bainbridge Ferry to Seattle

Seattle from Bainbridge Ferry

Day 10 – I woke up in my tent and checked my shoulder. It was sore, but I think the ice I got from the gas station helped keep any swelling down. I took my time getting started. I still needed to find a place in Seattle and I had a couple leads on AirBnB. I put a call out on Facebook looking for a place while I packed up my camp. Within a few minutes my cousin Gabby gave me a call and said she had a friend, Rebecca, in town that would let me spend the night. Thanks again cuz!

I felt better knowing I had a place in town so I finished packing and pedaled off toward the Bainbridge Ferry. The scenery was beautiful. Lots of hills and farmland. My sister would have loved all of the horses I rode past. Eventually I popped out on a busy highway, but it had a big shoulder and a slow speed limit, so the riding wasn’t too bad. I crossed a little bridge over to Bainbridge island and was making great time. Everything was going so much better than the day before.

I stopped at McD’s just before the ferry to get a cheap meal before hitting town. The ferry ride was short, but great. It has to be the best way to enter Seattle. I took this photo from the ferry. You can see all of downtown as you glide in to port.

I rode / pushed my bike up a giant hill toward Rebecca’s place in Capitol Hill. It was a heck of an incline. We eventually met up and went to a cool Vietnamese Restaurant down the road. We both tried frog legs for the first time and they were pretty damn tasty. Poor froggies… Also had a Moscow Mule, which was a great drink! I’m excited to explore the city for a couple of days. The weather and the views are amazing.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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