PCH Tour: Drinks on 5th & Planning for Mexico

Midway Museum
Day 60 – I woke up in the hostel. It felt good to be on a bed, even if it was a bit small. I cleaned up and went to the dining area for some breakfast. It was a delicious meal of bread, cereal, and cold oatmeal. With enough sugar, the coffee was pretty good too.

I grabbed my laptop and made my way down Market Street to the Lion Cafe. I figured it would be nice to sit somewhere and catch up on all of my posts. I ordered a coffee and cheese danish, then got to work. I spent a good hour or two typing. I even ordered a peanut butter acai bowl. It was an awesome combination of blended frozen acai berries, yogurt, peanut butter, fresh fruit and granola.

After getting caught up, I dropped my computer off at the hostel and grabbed my camera. I slowly made my way to Balboa Park on foot. It was a nice 2 mile walk through the city. Up in the park I walked over to the museum area, where one could go to the Aircraft Museum, the Automobile Museum or the Sports History Museum. I didn’t go to any of them, but I did find a nice bench under a tree where I could lie down and relax. The breeze was cool, but I soon realized that the bench must have been specifically designed to keep people from sleeping on it. The metal grating dug into my back and shoulders. I suffered through it and stayed there a while calling some friends back in Ohio.

Liam, the Brit I met back near San Louis Obispo, had just arrived in town. He called me up and we decided to meet back at my hostel. I called up an Uber and I was back in downtown in no time. Liam and I met up and we decided to walk around town a bit. We ended up back at the harbor, enjoying the sun and breeze and bullshitting about our recent adventures. The sun started to go down, and our stomachs began to get hungry.

We met up with Michael back at the hostel. From there we cruised down 5th Street until we found a Thai place that looked good. We talked about making a run on our bikes to Mexico, while eating some amazing food. Liam wanted to go to Ensenada for a day. Originally, I was thinking of just making a day ride into Tijuana and back. But I still had some extra time before I needed to be home. I did the math and soon realized that I could make Ensenada happen. I felt a lot better about the excursion into Mexico, knowing that Liam and Michael would be going along. I agreed to the plan, but I decided not to tell my family, because I knew their reaction would be negative. They looked at Mexico like it was a murderous free-for-all. I figured I’d tell a few friends about my plans, in the event something did happen, but I wasn’t too worried.

The night was still warm. We decided to go out for a couple of beers. We sat outside so we could watch the bicycle rickshaws cruise the strip with their lights flashing and music bumping. After a couple hefs, we walked with Michael back to the hostel.

Liam and I grabbed some free coffee in the dining area to perk up. Then we decided to head back out and have another beer or two. We found a place called The Tipsy Crow. We drank some Alaskan White Ale and talked about adventure, and what was next. We grabbed some Icelandic beers and then made our way downstairs to a club area. It started to fill up, and we danced around with all of the other clubbers. After two or three more beers, and a lot more dancing, the place was shut down for the night.

We ran into some girls and talked to them on the street for a bit, until their friends came and drug them away. We also got to watch a cabbie try to jam a large bicycle into his small trunk. He got it halfway in and then bungied the trunk lid down. We laughed and then parted ways. Liam had a long walk back to his hostel. Luckily, mine was only a couple of blocks away.

I crawled into bed and tucked myself in. That was the most drinking I had done in months. But it seemed like a good way to celebrate the coming end of a long journey.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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