PCH Tour: Tacoma to Millersylvania State Park

Mount Rainier

Day 14 – I finally managed to get an early start. I was up around 6am and on the road by 8am. I had 60 miles of riding ahead of me to the next campground in Millersylvania State Park, and I didn’t want to fall behind and chase the light at the end of the day. The air was cool, but the first couple of small hills got me warmed up. My route took me through some residential hills and I grabbed this shot of Mt. Rainier over top of someone’s house.

I came out of the mountains and ended up in the industrial section of Tacoma. As I approached the stadium district, I noticed a bunch of roads were closed. I got closer and saw people covered from head to toe in crazy paint colors. I had stumbled into the aftermath of a Color Run. Music was blasting and people were celebrating. After getting out of town I had a fairly flat run down some straight state roads. I went a good 25 miles before my phone battery was about to die and my stomach started growling. I stopped at the Little Park diner in Spanning, ate some eggs, sausage and toast, and recharged my phone. I moved on into the country.

As I approached the town of Roy I noticed the plume of a large fire. My 1st thought was forest fire and I was heading straight toward it. I didn’t see any fire trucks or police keeping people back so I continued to approach with caution. The wind was blowing it away from me, but a quick change could bring it my way.

Forest Fire

On the outskirts of Roy I pulled into a parking lot of a Civil War reenactment and asked some kids parking cars what the fire was. They said it was a controlled burn. (My friend Dustin knows how much I love controlled burns) Phew. Okay. I still approached cautiously, but soon I was through Roy and around the fire.

Eventually, I got to Yelm where I hopped onto another bike trail that took me most of the way to camp. 5 miles away from Millersylvania, I burned out. I was close, but dead tired. I ate some PopTarts, drank a bunch of water and then pushed through to the park. I was a zombie as I set up my tent. That was the furthest I’ve gone with a loaded bike. My body was still not in full riding shape. I showered, ate and crashed. Luckily, the next day would only be a 37 mile ride.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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