PCH Tour: Devil’s Lake to Beachside State Park

Beachside State Park Sunset

Day 25 – I woke up at a good time in Devil’s Lake. I only had enough bread for half a PB&J. I slugged that down along with a PopTart. At that point I was PopTarted out. Taking the tent down I noticed how damp it was. I tried to dry it out with my shammy, but it was still wet when I wrapped it up. Oh, well. I’d be using it again tonight.

It was cool and breezy leaving Lincoln. The sun kept popping through the clouds, occasionally warming my face. I put in some miles down a few stretches of relatively flat beaches. I went up a climb and around a bend and saw a little lookout at Boiler Bay. The rocks and waves were amazing. I took some photos and then hurried to the restroom before I took off. While I was in there, a guy said there were some whales out on the point. I rushed out with my camera and found a couple looking out at the water. They said there were two humpbacks out there. I waited with my camera ready. I was about to leave when a black blob surfaced and blew water into the air! There it was! My first whale siting. It popped back up several more times, grabbing air and diving back into the deep. After grabbing some photos and enjoying the show I pushed on.

Depoe, was a neat little town, built on craggy little cliffs. Everything was geared toward whale watching there. Further down the road there was a oneway bike route that lead me up a decent climb along the coast to Otter Crest State Park. The views were spectacular and the path went through an amazing lush green patch of forest. At the top of the climb I caught up with Cindy, a rider in the group that I met the previous night. We chatted a bit and tried to catch a glimpse of some more whales. We were both a little shaky, so we ate some snacks. Cindy let me finish some of her Pringles and they hit the spot. I left first and we pushed on to Newport.

It was a straight shot, up and down rolling hills along endless beaches. It took a good hour and a half to get to Newport. I decided to go to Newport Bike, a shop that Russ mentioned the night before. My bike was squeaking a bit, so I decided to have them check it over and lube it up. Since I was getting work done I was aloud to use the laundry and hang out in their lounge. I washed some clothes and my Camel Bak that was starting to stink from all the sweat it had absorbed. While the wash was going I typed up my post and charged my batteries. Russ showed up with the hammock guys, Frank and Thomas, to check out the shop. They decided to head over to Rogue Brewery for some beers and food. I said is try to catch up if I got done soon enough.

Bridge Oregon

It took over an hour to finish the wash and my work. Cindy stopped by to buy an air pump, and said hi. By the time I was all packed up and leaving the shop it was getting late. I was famished from the ride and from waiting so long to eat. The owner of the shop suggested a Mexican place down the road. I hurried over and ordered a burrito special. Instead they gave me a carnitas taco, a Mexican pizza and rice and beans. I was too hungry to point out the mistake. I slammed the food down and I was still hungry. I ordered two beef tacos and a churro and ate those along with a Dr. Pepper.

From there I hurried over to the local grocery store where I got provisions for the night. I spotted a cream filled doughnut and had to have it. I quickly devoured it when I got to the parking lot. After Newport I had another 20 some miles to go. I pedaled off with a bloated stomach and a desire to get to camp. It seemed like that afternoon went on and on. I crossed over some big bridges and passed through some small towns. I finally made it to camp.

I was the last one in, and I was still messed up from not eating soon enough at lunch. We were at Beachside State Park, which wouldn’t you know, was right on the beach. I got setup and showered in time to catch an amazing sunset on the beach. Fog was moving in and the sun set behind strips of clouds, coloring them purple, orange and red. After soaking it all in, we all went back and hung out at the site joked about the day and planned for tomorrow.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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