PCH Tour: Downtown Seattle and Karaoke Bar

Downtown Seattle from Kerry Park

Day 11 – Seattle is a great city. It’s super walkable and the weather has been perfect. On my first full day I took a walk down Pike Street to the Market Place. There I saw the original Starbucks and tons of great little shops and food stands. I had a giant snicker doodle cookie that I couldn’t resist when I smelled the waft of cinnamon coming from bakery.

My cousin Noah eventually came down and met me and he introduced me to some Hom Bow. It was a warm doughy bun filled with pork that tasted like candy. Pretty amazing. Then we walked over to the Seattle City Center and walked under the famous Space Needle and next to the EMP. From there he drove me to Dicks Hamburgers to get an authentic Seattle fast food experience. It was kinda like the Seattle version of In and Out Burger. I had a deluxe burger and fries with a chocolate milkshake. Pretty tasty.

Noah and I hung out in Volunteer park for a bit just catching up. Then he dropped me off at the apartment I was staying at in Capitol Hill. Rebecca, my apartment host and new friend, took me to another friends going away party in Volunteer Park. We had drinks and hung out while the sun set. Once it got dark we all packed into a car and drove over to Rock Box. It was a karaoke bar where you got your own private room. It was a blast. We all got to pass around an iPad and pick songs, then we all sang them together with the two microphones they gave us.

We had a ton of drinks and I think I sang every song, whether I had the mic or not. It was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time. By the end of it I didn’t have a voice, but I had a bunch of new friends. This photo is another view of Downtown Seattle from Kerry Park.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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