PCH Tour: Downtown Vancouver & Stanley Park

Pacific Endeavor Freighter

Day 3 – I had Ramen for the first time last night with my hostel roomy, Takeru. He left for Shanghai this morning and I decided to go on a long walk around downtown.

I took Granville Street to the water where I looked out over the industrial side of town. A giant cruise ship was docked to my left. In the distance, cargo ships loaded and unloaded their freight before their long trip across the Pacific. I found a path that lead me around downtown and eventually took me to Stanley Park – think Central Part on its own island, without the homeless, and with views of mountain tops. The path circled the island for miles. I passed under the Lions Gate Bridge, a giant suspension bridge that leads north toward Whistler and the Yukon. A massive freighter passed under her beautiful span. I snapped this pic when it came out the other side. It’s name was Pacific Endeavor, and I could only guess that it was on its way to China and beyond.

I missed the fireworks competition over the English Bay – got the memo late. Apparently, France was up tonight. Why aren’t their more fireworks competitions? I visited a pub in Yaletown where I talked to a cute bartender and had a burger and some beers. Then I turned in for the night. One more day in Vancouver.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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