PCH Tour: Endless Stars, but no Water at Kirk Creek

McWay Falls - Big Sur

Day 50 – I slept in a bit at Pfeiffer. It was nice to have such a great campsite, and to be surrounded by sane people. The sun was already out and the air was dry. I drank some water and had a snack. I knew a nice bakery was only a couple of miles away. Out on the road it was all up hill. The sun was already hot and I was sweating through my wind breaker. I had to stop and take it off before continuing on.

Near the top of the climb, we arrived at the Big Sur Bakery. My friend, Brad, introduced me to this place several months ago, and I knew it was great. I ordered a scramble and some coffee. Then I followed it up with an amazing almond croissant. We ate outside and relaxed in the shade. It was only going to be a 30 mile day, and there was plenty of scenery to enjoy. We finished out the climb and rolled down to the ocean to more amazing views.

It was a constant start, stop, take photos, and repeat. We couldn’t get enough. It was hot and sunny all day. About 12 miles in, we started looking for a spot to have some lunch. We found a little turnout, with a shady ridge, where we could sit and eat our food. I made a turkey sandwich and munched on some Triscuits and cheese. It would have been a great resting spot, if it weren’t for all of the flies buzzing around. We finished up and kept on with the our photography sessions.

We were slow moving, and we got to the small town of Lucia around 4pm. It was so small, that there was only on grocery store and an inn. We grabbed some supplies for the night and then had a small beer on the bench outside. I learned that our campsite for the night, Kirk Creek, was completely dry. There would not be any water. We made sure to fill up our water bottles before we left. On our way out, Michael noticed a Harley with a German flag flying off the back. He talked to the driver and found out that he was from Germany and he was riding with a large group of German bikers. They chatted for a bit. It was getting late, but we only had 4 miles to go.

It was an easy rolling ride to the campground. Kirk Creek was right on the ocean. The sites were nice and grassy and well laid out. We set up and took little wet towel baths. That night we met Brian and Kate, a couple from San Francisco, who were on their way to Santa Monica. We also met a young German couple who were biking from Vancouver to Panama with their Collie, named Amy. There are so many amazing people on the road. We all chatted around the picnic table into the night. When Brian’s lamp went off, we all looked up at the magnificent stars. There was no light pollution on the coast, and we could see the Milky Way clearly. We even saw a couple of satellites spinning around the Earth.

That night in my tent, I sat with my head poking out, taking in more stars. I saw a shooting star over the horizon, before scooting back inside. I was thankful for another great day.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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