PCH Tour: Exploring San Francisco and Twin Peaks


Day 44 – I got up, grabbed my laptop and camera, and headed out the door. I found a cool little cafe in the Mission District where I ate an awesome scramble. I did some typing and then headed out for a walk around town. I went west where I wound my way up some hills and down into the Haight District. There were some fancy, interesting shops and cool looking restaurants. I saw a Ben and Jerry’s, and I couldn’t resist getting an ice cream cone. It tasted great, but they were overpriced and small cones. Don’t think I’ll go there again.

I found my way into the Golden Gate Park, where three different people who tried to sell me weed. I didn’t stick around there long. I circled back to Haight, where I found a restaurant and grabbed a sandwich and fries. I was kinda disappointed. The place looked trendy, but the food was sub par. It looked like they got cheap frozen chicken and put Campbell’s tomato soup on as a sauce. I was hungry, so I ate it all anyway.

From there I made the climb up to Twin Peaks. The wind really picked up as I neared the top, and I could see the wall of fog hovering on the west side. I made it to the top where I grabbed some great shots of downtown San Francisco and the Bay Area. I could even see the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance, half shrouded by clouds. It was getting late in the afternoon, so I decided to head down the hill and back to Paul’s apartment.

He was having some of his friends from his sketch comedy group over for a brainstorming session. I wanted to be there for that. When I arrived I had enough time to take my dirty clothes around the corner and clean them at a laundromat. I texted and called some friends to catch up, while my clothes tumbled in the wash. It didn’t take long to clean my single load.

By the time I was done, Paul and his friends had arrived. I watched them all pitch their ideas to each other and plan out their next show. It was really fun, and they had me cracking up most of the time. They even pulled up a video of a hilarious skit they did about huffing spray paint. It had me rolling.

After everyone went home, Paul and I went out to El Rio where we watched Dr. Popular perform his 8 bit music and rap routine. It was just him and his wife on the stage. Their vocals were so so, but their presence was awesome, and the songs were very entertaining. It was definitely a unique performance. The show was over and we turned in for the night. One more day in SF to come!

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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