PCH Tour: Foggy Bandon to Humbug Mountain Sunset

Men on Bandon Beach

Day 28 – I woke up early at Bullards Beach State Park. It was a foggy morning. I hurried to get ready so I could hit the coffee shop with Russ and Cindy. I rolled into Bandon a few miles down the road. Russ had already picked out a spot at Brewed Awakenings. It was a great little cafe with lightning fast wifi. We ordered breakfast and coffees and got to work catching up on posts. Russ and I were behind, so it took us a good couple of hours to finish up.

Finally we headed out and road the Beach Loop in Bandon. The wind was brutal and fog filled the jetty. We grabbed some great shots of the rocks and the mist. It looked like a mysterious wonder world. After the loop, we headed south on the 101. It took us inland a bit, and back to the warmth of the sun. There was a good stretch of rolling hills, where we were able to keep up a good pace.

Men on Bandon Beach

In Langlois, we stopped at a little shop for some drinks and grabbed beers for later. Outside on a picnic table, we met up with Mountain Bike Mike, who was in camp with us the night before. We chatted about the road ahead and snacked on some of our supplies. Mike also mentioned that the shop we were just in had the most amazing hot dogs, but the line was huge and we were all snacked out, so we moved on.

The hills got a little tougher as we went. I was feeling warn out from the day before. My legs were aching for a rest. I could tell I was slowing down a bit, but I kept pushing. Finally we made it to Port Orford, and Russ and I both pointed at the sign and yelled out the name. The night before we all sat around giggling at the words Port Orford when Thomas read it from ‘The Book.’ The entire day we made Port Orford jokes. I think Russ came up with the longest line so far that went something like, I couldn’t afford the four door Ford in the port of Port Orford.

Anyway, Russ and I went to a grocery store in town and grabbed some food for the night. I left with an ice cream sandwich and devoured it in the parking lot. Down the road there was a steep little hill that had ‘scenic view’ painted on it, so we decided to check it out. At the top of the hill the deep blue sea was revealed to us, along with hard edged black granite rocks, and the Port of Port Orford. We snapped some photos while the wind whipped around us.

Back on our bikes, we tried pedaling down the steep incline, but the gusts were so strong we could barely move forward. We pedaled down the 101, and a crosswind smacked us from the right. It was such a strong gust that it almost knocked us over and sucked Russ’s hat off his head. Another 5 miles and we made it to our campsite at Humbug Mountain State Park. Cindy saved us some spots. It was a cool hiker biker area, where each little campground was stacked above the next on a hillside. We called it the Ewok Village.

Humbug Mountain Beach

The whole gang went out to the beach. It was a perfect sunny day, with a nice wind coming off of the water. We took photos of the waves, the rocks and the seagulls. It was hard not to be in awe. We all walked around in the water and we spotted some starfish in the tide pools. After hanging on the beach a while, we went back to camp and showered up. Russ and I decided to go back out to the ocean for sunset. He rode to the hill above and I walked back out on the beach. It was one of the most amazing sunsets I’d ever seen. I shot over 300 photos that day. I couldn’t get enough of the views.

Humbug Mountain State Park Sunset

Later that night we had s’mores that Cindy bought. We shared them with a Brazilian couple that we met. It was there first time eating s’mores. Not sure if they liked them or if they were being polite. We all laughed some more about Port Orford and one by one went into our tents to sleep.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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