PCH Tour: Into the Avenue of Giants

Avenue of Giants

Day 33 – We all woke up extra early at the RiverWalk RV Campgrounds. It became a race to get ready every morning. No one wanted to be last or to be left behind on the way to breakfast. That morning I was up and ready to go just as Russ and Cindy finished packing. The Hammock guys even hurried, so they could tag along.

It was a 7 mile ride into Rio Dell, where we found Tonetta’s Cafe. It was a little spot. Two big burly bikers dressed in full Harley gear were the only other patrons. Most of us got a delicious meal of juevos rancheros and cups overflowing with coffee. When one of the burly bikers turned to us, we found out that they both were Australian, and that they had recently met a guy that had been biking around the world for years.

After finishing up our food and conversation we moved on through the small town of Scotia. The one side of town was completely taken up by an enormous lumber mill that stretched over a mile in length. We went a few more miles on the 101 before we made it to the turnoff for The Avenue of giants.

It was miles of quiet two lane roads through some of the most amazing redwood forests I had ever seen. Sun beams poked through the canopy and dappled the forest floor. The trees stretched high to the sky in endless groves. We all cruised down the peaceful road, taking photos, in awe of our surroundings.

Eventually the Hammock Guys and Cindy split off to take a hiking trail while Russ and I continued up ahead. At the top of a tough little hill we grabbed a Coke and Snickers and took a breather. Further down the way the road eased up again and wound through miles of redwoods, we decided to turn into the main state campsite and eat near the ranger station. We made sandwiches in the shade and talked to Laurel Franklin, a park ranger that explained what a grove was and how we could get to the Lost Coast, if we wanted a side adventure. She also gave out some free hugs.

Russ and I continued on to Meyers Flats where we stocked up on food and beer for the night. We got into our campsite at Hidden Spring early. It wasn’t much past 2pm. It had become tradition to crack a beer open to drink while setting up our tents. We set up, rocked out some jams on my phone, and ate some of our food we just bought.

Soon, Cindy, Hammock Frank and Hammock Tom showed up. We all settled in for the night, rocking more jams, drinking beers and planning for the next days ride. That night, just after we all separated for bed, some people in camp began howling like animals. Then someone else from across the park howled back. Suddenly the entire park was yelping, howling and hollering all kinds of crazy animal sounds back and forth. It was pretty amazing. Eventually, the energy died out, and I fell asleep.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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