PCH Tour: Misty Cannon Beach to Barview Jetty

Cannon Beach

Day 23 – I woke up early, cleaned up and packed, and said my goodbyes to Trudi. She was an awesome host, and I owe my great Astoria experience to her.

I pedaled out into the damp morning air. It was foggy and a bit misty out. I gabbed a few provisions in town and then pedaled west and then south down the 101. I was officially on the Pacific coast for the first time during this trip. The first half of my 40 mile day was relatively flat. I made great time, but the air was cool and the mist picked up to a drizzle. My rain gear makes me sweat even more than I already do, so I held off putting that on and just took the damp air like a man. I figured this might be how the next 800 miles of my ride would be, so I’d have to get use to it.

I had about a 500 foot climb before I took my break in Cannon Beach. This was the last stop on my Goonies Pilgrimage. It was the beach with the big rock that was featured multiple times throughout the film. I took a couple pics and then stopped in a cafe for a sandwich and some coffee. I got all caught up on my posts and set out to look for more great photo ops of the amazing beach and rock formations. I found a few more lookout points and grabbed some good pics as the sun started to peek through.

Cannon Beach Rock

From there I had about two more 500 ft climbs. It seemed like I knocked them out one after the other without too much of a problem. I still took some little breather / water breaks, but they were totally doable. At the top of the last hill there was an amazing lookout point, where you could see for miles down the Oregon coast. I saw the park where I would be camping. But I was making such good time and feeling so good that I soon decided to go another 15 miles to the next park.

A part of me wondered if I’d be able to catch up with, Russ, the cyclist I met on the way to Astoria. I zoomed down the mountain and plugged along through some small towns. In less than an hour and a half I made it to camp. Although, Google maps did give me some bad directions and I had to backtrack a mile right at the end. Not cool Google!

The Barview Jetty County Campgrounds were $20 for a site, almost 4 times what a State Park charges for a biker. It sucked to pay that much, but I wasn’t going any further. I unpacked, showered, ate some black beans and bread, and turned in for the night. Hopefully I’d be able to keep up the pace tomorrow, and maybe catch up with Russ and some other bikers. This is a pic of the rocks on Cannon Beach

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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