PCH Tour: New Friend at New Brighton State Beach

Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel

Day 47 – I woke up, unscathed by the raccoons. As I was packing, I noticed that the father / daughter rollerblade team were making breakfast next to Michael. I last saw them outside of Trinidad, CA and I was curious how their travels were going. I talked to the daughter, and it sounded like they were doing well. They started in Vancouver, BC and they were going to rollerblade all of the way to San Diego. From there, they planned to fly to South America and continue their trip. It seemed a bit insane to me. I don’t know how they made it up some of those hills, or how the survived the steep descents.

I pushed off and went into the town of Half Moon Bay. I found a nice cafe, where I ordered a tasty scramble and sipped on some coffee. I managed to type up my last post. I was finally caught up! It was the first time in over a week. Michael also stopped by and said hi. I left before him, and away I went into the foggy morning. I was hoping it would lift. The coast was socked in ever since I made it to the Pacific side from San Francisco.

I made good time down the rolling hills. They were surrounded by farmland. I had one nice big climb around 10 miles out. It would be the only big climb of the day. At the top, I saw the rollerbladers on the roadside, contemplating their maps. I waived and went on, coasting down the big hill. I could tell that the views would have been spectacular, if I could only make them out through the fog. There were some small hills, but slowly the terrain leveled back out. I made even better time.

I had about 22 miles under me, when I decided to pull over and grab some photos of the coast near a lighthouse. The sun was finally poking through the overcast. The sea turned from gray to blue. I ate a banana and swigged some water. Just then I saw Michael pass by. I took a few more moments to relax. I was getting hungry. It was only 15 more miles to Davenport. If the road remained relatively flat, I figured I could push through and get there in an hour for a late lunch. I hopped on the bike and zoomed down the road. I kept the thing going between 15 and 20 mph for most of the way. The sun was out in full, and the sea shimmered. It always felt better when the sun was shining. I went up a small hill, and I could tell there were some nice views at the top. To the right there were 2 hang gliders waiting to be mounted. I saw Michael out on the cliff edge snapping photos. I was too hungry. I kept moving. Only 5 miles to go.

I continued my pace until I arrived in the small town. There were a few spots to eat, but the Whale City Cafe had wifi, so I chose it. I ordered a chocolate milkshake and turkey club. The milkshake hit the spot. I sucked it all down before my food came. While I was waiting, Michael showed up. He ordered a beer and burger. I joined him at a table outside. We chatted and ate our food. On our way out, he noticed that one of his bungies had let loose, and his jacket had disappeared. He was bummed, because it was a gift from his 50th birthday. He decided to backtrack a couple of miles and see if he could find it. I pushed on to Santa Cruz.

It was an easy and scenic ride. On the edge of town, I hopped on a bike path that took me to the coast. It was a beautiful town, with windy, well paved roads, right along the cliff edge. I came into downtown and noticed there was an amusement park right in the center of the boardwalk. There had to be at least 3 roller coasters. It seemed like such a cool place. It was the epitome of a California surfer city. I made my way through the city, stopping to take a lot of photos. On the edge of town I found a grocery store and stocked up on instant mashed potatoes and chicken tenders. I made it to camp in New Brighton State Beach.

Michael got in just before me. He didn’t manage to find a store and only had bread and mayo for dinner. I showered and then made my mashed potatoes. But I added a bit too much water, so it was more like potato soup. I had more than enough food for myself, so I offered some to Michael. We ate and talked. He has traveled all over the world, for work and for pleasure. He told me about climbing the pyramids and camping in Machu Pichu. He works as an engineer and helps make feasibility studies for the World Bank. He had some amazing stories and perspectives on other countries. It started to get late, so we turned in for the night.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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