PCH Tour: Oregon Coastline to Harris Beach

Oregon Beach and Rocks

Day 29 – I woke up in Humbug and the skies were clear. I had a pre-breakfast PB&J and packed up. Russ, Cindy and I stuck together again. The roads wound around the coastline with amazing views of the deep blue ocean and black rocks. We stopped quite a few times along the way to take photos. I started lagging behind again. My legs weren’t warmed up, and the hills were taking their toll. At a viewpoint I ran into Mountain Bike Mike and The Brazilian Couple, Marcello and Roberta. They kept on going, but I caught up to them again in front of a Dinosaur park. I grabbed a quick shot of T-Rex and continued up the hill.

I found a spot with an awesome view and when I went to pull out my camera, I realized that the battery had died during the night. I must have left it on in video mode. Big bummer. I took a picture with my iPhone instead. Then Russ and Cindy came up behind me. They must have stopped at another viewpoint that I missed. We kept hopping in front of each other to grab photos. At a particularly awesome viewpoint I decided to pull out another battery that had been almost dead the night before. It had just enough juice to keep my 7D going for the day. Now I could grab some good shots again.

Cindy and Russ went on while I was digging out my battery. I went a half mile down the road, when I saw Cindy standing behind a sign putting on sunblock. The sight looked so funny I stopped to take a photo. The sign said “A Very Private Family Estate” and the way it covered her, it looked like she was using it to go to the bathroom. I showed her the photo and we both cracked up with laughter. Oh, Aunt Cindy.

When we got to Gold Beach it was time for some lunch. We stopped at Double D’s Cafe on the Southern end of town. I big burly biker dude seated us. I had a juicy cheese burger with bacon and french fries. The food was great, but there was no wifi, so we didn’t stay very long. The views continued to be amazing along the coast. The climbs were pretty good too. Up and down we went. At some point we ran into Torrence Frank and the Hammock Guys. Everyone was reunited. I tried to keep up with the group, but I kept falling behind. My legs were like cement.

We crossed the highest bridge in Oregon, over 345 ft hight, and stopped in the middle to take some photos. Not long after, a wave of fog blew across the highway. I was behind Russ and the Hammock guys as a giant downdraft of wind and fog blasted them from above. It looked like we were in a windstorm. The wind and fog and hills continued as we neared Harris Beach State Park. On the top of a climb I burned out and resorted to eating a PopTart for some extra energy. I recovered a bit and pushed on.

Two or three hills later, I rolled into the Harris campsite. Everyone was setting up their tents. I hurried to pop my tent and then Russ and I rode into town to grab supplies at Fred Meyers. I got a tube of cinnamon rolls, a box of Chips Ahoy, a can of Redi Whip, a tube of Pringles, a single serving of Cap’n Crunch and milk, some giant chicken tenders and a tub of mashed potatoes and gravy from the deli, and a 6 pack of Pacifico beer. I could barely squeeze it all into my pannier. Back at camp I devoured the chicken tenders and mashed potatoes, sucked down a beer and popped some Chips Ahoy and Whipped cream.

Stuffed, I showered and got ready for the night. The Chips Ahoy and Whipped Cream were a hit at the site, and we all finished them in 5 minutes. I went to bed thoroughly stuffed and exhausted.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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