PCH Tour: Oregon to Vancouver


Day 2 – I woke up at a rest stop 100 miles into Oregon. I only got 5hrs of sleep, but the car was uncomfortable and I had to be at the rental car return by 5:30pm. So I got moving north again. I stopped for a McD’s breakfast in Eugene, then next up was Portland.

Portland was a beautiful city of mountains, rivers and bridges. It reminded me of Pittsburgh back East. Just a little cleaner and more modern. Then as I crossed into Washington, a motorcycle cop flashed his lights at me and pulled me over. I didn’t pay attention to the speed drop and I was going 71 in a 60. He was a polite officer, but he still gave me my first ever speeding ticket. Thankfully he reduced the citation to only 5 over the limit. Still it was a blow to my budget and my track record. Oh well, life moves on.

As I approached Seattle, I got my first glimpse of Mount Rainier. It was massive, perched alone on the horizon. I felt like I was back in the time of the dinosaurs. It disappeared from view as I went into a deep valley, but when I approached downtown Seattle, it slowly grew on the horizon in my rear view mirror. Seattle was also beautiful to take in, a maze of water, mountains, skyscrapers and twisting highways. What did people do before GPS? I would have been absorbed into the concrete jungle, never to find my way out.

It was getting close to rush hour, but it didn’t take long to cross the Canadian border. Only after 10km or so did I hit a wall of traffic. Uh oh… Was I going to make it to the rental lot in time? It was almost a dead stop for 30 mins. A good time to practice letting go of control. I did the only thing I could. I waited. Eventually we got to the source of the problem. A 6 lane highway that condenses into a 2 lane road to go through a tiny tunnel. Once on the other side, the traffic moved again.

I don’t know architecture very well, but all of the high rise buildings in downtown Vancouver have a look unlike anything I’ve seen. The city is surrounded by water and mountains and I snapped this picture shortly after I dropped my car off and checked into the hostel. I crossed Burrard St. Bridge and looked back at a section of downtown as the sun was setting.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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