PCH Tour: San Francisco to Half Moon Bay

East Bay Bridge

Day 46 – I was up early, packing my bags and getting ready for the ferry ride back to San Francisco. Joel made an awesome little breakfast of toast, tomato, and soft boiled eggs, with a side of granola and milk. He also French pressed some Blue Bottle Coffee. We chatted as we ate and then made our way down to the ferry.

The sun was already coming through the fog on the way over the bay. It looked like it was going to be another beautiful day. I thanked Joel and we said our goodbyes. He walked into Google and I pedaled south along the water. Eventually, I cut inland. I went deep into the inner city of San Francisco. There were some steep climbs, and the homes were packed tightly together. Some of the areas felt a bit sketchy. I was so deep into the city that it felt like there was no way out of the concrete jungle. At the top of the big hills you could see miles of rolling hills covered in homes.

Slowly, I made my way to Daily City, and down to Route 1. There was a wall of fog hovering on the coastline. I decided to eat lunch before continuing along the Pacific. I saw a KFC and I couldn’t resist the fatty goodness. I got a 2 piece crispy chicken combo with mashed potatoes and a biscuit. I devoured it and sat digesting for a while. I was in the sun when I got back on my bike, but the wall of fog still remained on the coast. I crossed over the 1 and turn left onto a side road.

The fog engulfed everything. It was a fairly easy ride south for the next several miles. I found a Safeway and bought supplies for the night. Then I hit a decent climb. I just popped my bike in low gear and worked my way up. I pushed myself pretty good and I was huffing and puffing by the top. My legs were not aching like they were a week before. The rest days really paid off. At the top of the climb I could see two large tunnels. I took a water break before pushing off.

The tunnel was great. It was all downhill and the shoulder was large enough for a car. It was the only time where I had fun riding through a tunnel, instead of fearing for my life. Out the other end, I continued downhill until I got to sea level again. It was easy riding to Half Moon Bay. I got to town early and decided to hit up Starbucks and update my posts. I relaxed, typed and charged my phone.

It was less than a mile to camp. I rolled in and set up my tent. There were a couple of tents in the hiker biker area, but I did not see any bikes. When my tent was up, a gentleman rode into camp with a loaded bike. He said he was doing a little test run for a big tour he was about to start from San Diego to Florida. A little later, a German fellow named, Michael, rolled into camp. He was riding solo from northern Alaska to Mexico. We chatted a bit and exchanged stories from our rides.

I ate some ramen and tuna and then turned in for the night. Shortly after getting into bed I could hear raccoons calling to each other and crawling around outside. There had to be at least a few of them out there. My food was in my pannier inside my tent. I made sure to interlock my tent zippers to keep them from opening my tent in the middle of the night. I made some noise and hit the sides of my tent, but it didn’t seem to phase them. They crawled around outside for the next hour, but they never bothered me. I finished some typing and then passed out for the night.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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