PCH Tour: Seattle to Dash Point State Park

Dash Point State Park

Day 13 – After another late night with friends it took me a bit to get started. I had to grab some food supplies from the grocery store, play with my front brake, which was sticking, and get all my gear organized and packed. It took way longer than I had hoped. I didn’t leave until around 12:30pm.

It was another perfect day in Seattle as I pedaled away. I took 12th Ave. out of town, winding my way down toward the Boeing headquarters and airfield. There was an aviation high school and a little NASA museum. I even saw an old Concord jet sitting out by the road. The whole time you could see Mt. Reiner looming in the background.

Finally I got out of industrial hell and merged onto another beautiful bike path. It took me along a river and out next to some train tracks. I was away from the city and out in nature. Even with the late start I was making great time. I turned off the path and headed toward a mountain community out on the peninsula near Dash Point State Park. The roads got windier and steeper. Just several miles from the park I had a steep climb. I thought I’d make it to the top, but even in my lowest gear I burned out under the load. I had to push the bike up the rest of the hill and take a water break.

From there it was fairly easy riding through some little communities. I arrived at the park around 5:30pm. The attendant was at the gate and I asked for a hiker biker spot. She said sorry but everything was taken and that they did not do hiker biker campsites. I asked if there was anything at all. She said she just opened a utility site that would be $42. I said it was expensive for me but that I’d sit on the bench and think about it.

The next campsite was 50 miles away and it was getting late. I wasn’t sure what I could do. There weren’t really any hotels nearby and the $42 would be cheaper. As I was contempalting an RV showed up and I thought they took that utility site. After they pulled through the attendant came over and said she had something. I guess the RV had a normal campsite and they switched to the utility site, so I could take the normal campsite. And she even dropped the price and gave me some free shower tokens. Thanks Universe!

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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