PCH Tour: The Port of Los Angels & Down to Doheny

SoCal Beaches

Day 57 – I woke up in a bed. That was a great feeling. A real bed! I packed up and met Derek and Michael upstairs. I had some PB&Js with a cold glass of milk. We thanked Derek for letting us stay at such an amazing place. We said our goodbyes. Then Michael and I shoved off, over the hill and down to the bike path on the beach. What a great way to start the day.

The bike path weaved along the beach past LAX, a giant power plant, and El Segundo beach. The sun warmed our bodies and the Pacific breeze cooled our brows as we neared Manhattan beach. It was a weekday and early, so very few people were out and about. We made great time heading south. It was almost 10 miles by the time we got to Hermosa Beach. We stopped at the pier and found a great breakfast spot where I got a good ol’ stack of pancakes and sausage links. We could see the ocean from our outdoor seats.

From there, we turned inland, cutting our way through Torrance. We had to go around the giant Port of Los Angeles. Torrance was nice, but soon we got to some sketchy areas. It was the middle of the day though, so we didn’t have much to worry about. We stopped at a McDonalds on Sepulveda to pee. From there we went straight into an industrial nightmare. We had to go over train tracks, next to oil refineries, and through debris covered roads. It smelled like soot and gas. We couldn’t get through fast enough.

On the other side of the channel there was a bike path that lead back to the ocean. The port was too our left. We could even make out the Vincent Thomas Bridge in the distance. It was nice to get back to the beach. Long Beach was much nicer than I expected. They had a great little fisherman’s wharf and you could see the Queen Mary docked across the channel. We hopped back on a beach path and road it all of the way to Seal Beach. From there we had to weave through a combination of roads and paths to make our way to Huntington.

It was after noon and I was starving. We found a taco joint just up from the beach in Huntington. I ordered 3 fish tacos and a carnitas burrito. I was so hungry I devoured them all and I was still a bit hungry. Newport was the next town south. The homes and beaches were amazing. It just got better as we went through Laguna. The afternoon sun was just right, so we decided to grab some beers and sit on a bench overlooking the ocean. It had become a tradition. Beer, something salty, and an ocean view. The darkness was coming as we rolled through Dana Point.

The days were getting shorter and we had to really move to make it to Doheny State Beach. It was twilight by the time we got to our site. The hiker / biker site was the smallest of the entire trip. There was a local couple, Lauren and Nolan, with a house size tent already set up when we got there. Thankfully they were nice and they shared some vodka and s’mores with us. We had just enough room to squeeze our lightweight tents into the area. For us it was already late, so we ate, showered and went to bed.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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