PCH Tour: Tired Legs and New Friends

Fallen Redwoods

Day 34 – When we left Hidden Springs we were still in the Avenue of the Giants. It was a peaceful morning ride through the redwoods. At the top of a hill Frank rolled over to a fence where a goat started bah-ing. As the rest of us made it up, a donkey left out a yelp and then an eey haw. We all turned and laughed and wished we had that donkey the night before to compete with all of the animal noises people were hollering back and forth across the campgrounds.

The guys decided to stop at a little cafe where I ordered another round of 3 pancakes and a side of sausage. It was supposed to be a big day of climbing so I would need all the energy I could get, and nothing does it like a bag of flour and some eggs mixed together.

When everyone left I hung back. I knew I’d need to take it slow, with how exhausted my legs had become. It was a hot day on the 101. I left the shade of the big trees and was on the main highway for the day. There were some slow and steady climbs, but nothing too hard at the pace I was traveling.

I needed to stop in Garberville to get some cash from the bank and some snacks for the road. That town had to be full of more transients and weirdos than any place I had been. It looked like zombies were roaming from one side of the street to the other. I saw the Hammock Guys across the street when I was grabbing snacks, but they had moved on before I caught their attention. I got out of that town as quick as I could.

Back on the 101 the slow climbs continued, but nothing like the hills that I was expecting from the research we all did the night before. I was happy because my legs needed a break. At one point, the road wound down into a valley of redwoods. It was an awesome little section, but the passing semis and RVs made it a bit sketchy to traverse.

At the top of some more slow climbs I looked down at my bike computer and realized that I was almost to camp. Just then Boris came up behind me and said hello. He was going to stop at the campground and eat lunch, but he had plans to move on. There was a market across the street, so I decided to go in for some food and drinks. As I crossed the street I saw Russ cross the other way into the park. I grabbed my supplies and hurried over to the campground.

I expected everyone to be there, but it was just Russ. We had our beers and set up our tents. By the time we were done, Cindy and the Hammock Guys showed up. They found a bar across the street and stopped for food and beer. Later that night 2 other bike tourists showed up and joined the group; Rama, an IT guy from Texas, and Jerry and older veteran of the Pacific Coast trail. Even Eiry showed up later that night. We had drinks and told stories about the people that we all had met at different times along the coast. That night I went to bed and slept better than I had in a long time.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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