PCH Tour: Vancouver Art Gallery & Burrard St. Bridge

Burrard St Bridge, Vancouver

Day 4 – I woke up a bit late, tiered from the miles of walking the day before. After eating my free breakfast of cereal and a bagel with strawberry jam, I took my bike to the shop to have the derailleur adjusted. It seemed like it was having trouble shifting into some of the higher gears and I didn’t have time to fix it before embarking on this trip.

From there I headed to the Vancouver Art Gallery. They had a large Douglas Copeland exhibit that ranged from paintings to photos to lego sculptures. He had an interesting way of taking all of the man made junk that surrounds us in daily life, and turning it into something that forces you to reflect on all of this stuff that defines us and buries us.

Vancouver Art Gallery

But my favorite exhibit was Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s ‘Opera for a Small Room’ installation. It was a room that you could look into that was filled with records, record players, old speakers and light fixtures. A creepy voice came over a loudspeaker and guided you through a tale, while the different record players turned on and off, playing opera, oldies and rock. The lighting changed with the mood. The entire experience was amazing and hard to describe. I left more excited about art than I have been in a long time.

I spent most of the afternoon trying to plan my exit from Vancouver. I picked up my repaired bike and then walked out to Hadden Park to watch the sunset. My sunset photos didn’t come out well, but I grabbed one last shot of downtown and the Burrard St. Bridge.

As I type this I’m about to get ready to leave for Victoria on my bicycle. I’m not sure where I’m staying yet, but it’s all part of the adventure. Vancouver will be missed.

Lions Gate Bridge

Later – Here’s another photo from Day 3. It’s the Lions Gate Bridge that leads from Vancouver to the North. A giant suspension bridge like the Golden Gate, but more of a teal color. Underneath is a tug boat pulling a large load of logs. Gotta get that wood to Lowes somehow!

I’m currently on the ferry to Victoria, BC. I found a place to stay and have about a 2 and a half mile ride before I get there. But it’s perfectly located near downtown so I can go exploring tomorrow! Riding has been harder than I thought today. And this was easy terrain. A week off riding was too much! Time to get back into shape! The water and trees are calming. I’m totally relaxed. Maybe I can squeeze in a nap before we pull into port!

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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