PCH Tour: Walking, Talking, Food & more Food

Portland Graffiti

Day 18 – I got up early, showered and got ready for the day. I was excited to be back in civilization. Juan woke up and we walked down to Space Monkey Coffee, where I got a cappuccino and a breakfast sandwich. Stomachs full, we took the bus on a 30 min ride into downtown.

We explored the tree-lined city streets, making our way west. Portland is such a green and lush city. The streets were clean and there were bicycle lanes everywhere. We made our way to Powell’s Books, which has to be one of the largest bookstores in the country. It was the size of a city block, with 4 stories of endless books in any subject you could imagine. We got lost in the stacks for about an hour. I would have spent a fortune if I didn’t have to take the extra weight on my bike.

From Powell’s we headed toward the water. We came across another city block lined with food trucks of every kind. Juan grabbed a coffee and I grabbed two carne asada beef tacos that blew my mind with goodness! We eventually made it to the river near the World Trade Center. We took pictures of all of the bridges crossing the Columbia and then decided to cross one into the Hawthorne area.

Once across, we did a distillery tour, where we got to try a vodka, a coffee rum, a double barrel bourbon, and some fruit flavored whiskeys. I think we were both a bit tipsy afterwards. Around the corner we stopped at Lardos and got the American bologna sandwich on Texas toast. It was one of the most amazing sandwiches I’ve ever had. How does Portland have so many amazing places to eat? Does anyone ever eat at home?

We continued down Hawthorne Ave. quite a ways before we decided to grab another coffee at Coava. I grabbed a latte this time. Definitely a great place. Super smooth espresso. After that we walked a bit more and stopped at a little pub and grabbed some beers. Got up and walked some more before crossing over to Belmont street.

By that point Cayleigh told us to meet her at Smallwares for the $5 Burger Week burger. She was going to meet us along with another Croatian couch surfer, Mislav. It was too far to walk so we took another bus to the restaurant. We got to hang out on a couch, because there were no tables available. A marathon of old Keanu Reeves movies was projected on the wall above us. We ordered a French Girl, which was a saison beer with chunks of frozen spicy margarita dropped in. It was pretty amazing and left some heat in your mouth.

Once Cayleigh arrived we ordered the burgers and some sides. The burgers also had a nice kick to them, and by the end my lips were on fire. Juan ordered this amazing deep fried kale with bacon chips in it. Best kale I ever had. Not sure it was healthy though… Shortly after we got our food, Mislav showed up. We had a couple of drinks and learned about our new fellow traveler.

From there we all jumped in Cayleigh’s truck and rode out to a country western bar to cap the night off with a couple more drinks. All in all it was a day if eating, walking, drinking and talking. Fun times! – This is a pic of some Portland graffiti.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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