PCH Tour: Victoria & B.C. Day Celebrations

Mount Baker

Day 6 – Victoria is a much older looking city compared to Vancouver. It’s the capital of British Columbia and full of English influence. There is a giant parliament building and and the ancient looking Empress Hotel.

I got up late yesterday. Joy, my host and new friend, took me down to the harbor and downtown. I got a little tour of Chinatown before meeting up with some of her old friends that happened to be in town. Later in the day I returned to the harbor in hopes of getting some good photos. Not sure I got any, but I did get to watch a flag ceremony in front of the parliament building. Young soldiers marched in uniform carrying the flags of each Canadian Province. A military band played patriotic songs and the grand finally was a 21 gun salute with 2 canons firing as they lowered the Canadian flag at sunset.

It was interesting to watch the traditions of a country that I easily forget is so close to the U.S., but is not the U.S. They have a different history, different traditions, and different priorities. On the surface it’s hard to tell you crossed an imaginary line. I’ve met so many great people already, and the journey is really just beginning.

Tonight, I’m going to a festival on the harbor that includes a symphony and fireworks. Tomorrow I cross back into the States. Canada will be missed. This photo is from my ferry ride over from Vancouver. In the distance is Mt. Baker.

(Repost of my 2014 Pacific Coast Tour Instagrams)

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