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Perfectionism or Procrastination Justified

Some people like to tout that they are perfectionists. They can not leave a single detail untended. If something is out of place or just a little off, they must make it right before moving on. Some people claim it’s … Continue reading

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Writing to find a purpose for writing

When I sit down to write without a predefined purpose I tend to write in fits and starts. Maybe something interesting will pop up. Maybe not. Even if I discover some interesting topic buried within me, it’s rare for it to develop into anything … Continue reading

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Living Your Passions – A Manifesto

Have you ever had a big dream, like dropping everything and traveling the world? Like quitting your job and starting a business to follow your passions? Like becoming a rock star or a filmmaker? You know that if you put … Continue reading


How to create something remarkable

Get started now! Most people get an idea and then stop.  They think, “Hey, I better do some research before I get started.  I don’t want to jump into this without knowing everything about this subject.”  And hey, with the … Continue reading

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