Perfectionism or Procrastination Justified


Some people like to tout that they are perfectionists. They can not leave a single detail untended. If something is out of place or just a little off, they must make it right before moving on.

Some people claim it’s a blessing. It’s what makes them so good. It also gives them the ammunition to criticize and tear down someone else’s imperfect work. But many times it keeps them from ever picking up their head and seeing the big picture. It keeps them from being satisfied enough to finish a project and ship it out the door. At it’s worse, it keeps them from ever starting.

I have perfectionist tendencies of my own, most of us that care about our work do. The key is to recognize perfectionism for what it is: a form of procrastination, a giving into Resistance, a justification that keeps you from facing your fears and completing a project.

There is no such thing as perfect. There is only doing the best you can in a given amount of time, with a given amount of resources. Then trying to do a little better the next time around. If you don’t impose time and resource limitations on yourself, your desire for perfectionism will get the best of you.

The best way to kill your perfectionist tendencies may be to purposely do a sloppy first draft. Make it bad, but make it nonetheless. Then you can go back and tweak it. Make it better. Not perfect.

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