Waiting for the Right Time

Too often we tell ourselves that we are waiting for the right time. When it comes to the most important things in our lives we wait and we wait and we wait. Often there is no right time.

There is no right time to have that talk, to express how you feel. There is no right time to start a new business, to begin a new habit. There is no right time to write a book, to take a year-long adventure, to have a child, to make a big move. There is no right time to study a subject you care about, to start that next big project. If you wait for that “right time” it just never seems to happen.

Keep waiting and your dreams will begin to die, your life will be unlived. If there is something that you really want to do that you’ve put off, again and again, stop what you’re doing and decide to commit to it. Prioritize it and schedule it on your calendar. Not tomorrow. Not tonight. Right now. Like no, seriously, right now.

Maybe you have too many projects. The kids are in too many sports. You’re strapped for time and money. But it’s amazing that once you decide, commit and schedule it, somehow you find the time. The only right time for the things that matter is right now.

Go. Do. Live.

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