The Conflict of Love and Desire

There are many times where I’ve been confused about my love for someone and my desire to make them mine. At times these can feel interchangeable, but in reality, they are opposing forces. One comes from a place of insecurity and selfishness, and man I’ve been there. The other comes from a place of selflessness. A place of immense giving and care for another human being.

You can’t hold on to people. To desire someone to be yours may feel like love, but true love is to desire that person to be the best version of themselves. To wish them happiness, peace, and the achievement of their wildest dreams. To support them in these aims even when it means letting them go down a separate path from yours. Love may not always be easy, but it’s the best we can give.

This is something I hope to get better at as I continue to grow. Every time I’m faced with the option to choose love or selfishness it takes an immense amount of pain and struggle to make the right choice. But it’s worth the effort. Do your best to choose love. It’s better for you and the world.

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