Writing to find a purpose for writing

Writing to find Purpose

When I sit down to write without a predefined purpose I tend to write in fits and starts. Maybe something interesting will pop up. Maybe not. Even if I discover some interesting topic buried within me, it’s rare for it to develop into anything worthwhile.

So when you don’t have a purpose for writing, make your purpose to write to find a purpose (tongue twister alert). Your sole goal is to generate ideas and capture them for later use. Once you’ve captured them, make a list of the most interesting topics. Carry this list with you and every once in a while pull it out and jot down ideas realted to your topics. This simple act will trick your subconscious into doing all of the heavy lifting.

Now a few days or a week later, when you go to write, make one of these topics the main focus. You’ll be surprised at all of the ideas that will come pouring out of your noggin. Your writing will have a purpose and depth that will be pleasantly unexpected.

Bring a problem back to your conscious mind enough times and your subconscious will eventually find a solution.

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